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<p>US Stock-Market - Stock Profile of the Week<br>
Symbol: HTDS<br>
Market: PK<br>
The Last time HTDS was at this price level it went from .038 to 10 cents in just 
a few days.<br>
Before we begin our profile we have very exciting, breaking news...<br>
Tubercin Passes Toxicity Trials - Ready To Proceed To Live Cancer Trials<br>
Incorporated (Pink Sheets:HTDS) announces that Tubercin® has passed the toxicity 
tests required to proceed to the live cancer trials. Testing Tubercin® on live 
Melanoma, Lung and Breast cancer cells will begin immediately. The President and 
CEO, Mr. Colm J. King, met with the spokesperson of the medical team at their 
offices in Oklahoma City. Mr. King was advised that the tests were conducted 
under strict FDA (Federal Drug Administration) guidelines. Full test results 
will be available at the corporate offices as soon as the reports and findings 
are printed. <br>
&quot;These are the most promising results to date regarding Tubercin® and we're 
looking forward to additional positive results in the near future,&quot; stated Mr. 
King. &quot;These tests prove that Tubercin® is non-toxic and is the first step on 
the way to human clinical trials as well as the first positive break-through 
conducted in the United States with an independent medical team for Tubercin®.&quot;
Operating out of Delray Beach, Florida, Hard to Treat Diseases Incorporated (&quot;HTTD&quot;) 
holds the international marketing rights, except South Korea, to Tubercin®, a 
patented immunostimulant developed for combating Cancer under medical patent (US 
Patent 6,274,356). The unique properties unlike other cancer products are 
clearly stated in the abstract summary of the patent... &quot;A carbohydrate complex, 
which is a mixture of low molecular-weight polysaccharides of an arabinomannan 
structure extracted from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is highly effective in 
treating various cancer patients without incurring any adverse side effects.&quot;
HTDS is now at an emerging and potentially explosive stage. As stated in their 
press release, Tubercin is now ready to proceed (after tests conducted under 
strict FDA guidelines) to human clinical trials. While they have jumped one very 
big hurdle, they are still in the early stages of development and now is a great 
time for investors to take heed.<br>
Over the past ten years, epoch making anticancer agents have continuously been 
introduced, but the mortality of cancer patients have been rising in the U.S. 
and the European countries not to mention Japan and Korea. The decisive measure 
to cope with cancer is surgery.<br>
When the cancer cells spread throughout a person instead of remaining on the 
original spot, the treatment should take into consideration chemotherapy, 
radiation therapy and immunotherapy. The drawback of such therapies, however, is 
they incur damages not only on cancer cells, but also on the normal cells. <br>
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not suitable for application on weakened 
patients, especially those above 70. Historically, various forms of 
immunotherapy have been performed, falling short of therapeutic expectation. 
When Bacille calmetteguerin is used as an active no-specific immunotherapeutic 
agent, however, the patient's prognosis turns better through a simulative action 
on immune system of the cancer case. <br>
Professor T.H. Chung of Korea extracted carbohydrate complex Tubercin from 
microbacterium tuberculosis to be used as immunostimulant. This was meant to 
activate the T-lymphocyte of the cancer patient to produce lymphokine. This 
process strengthened and promoted immuno surveillance activities in deficient 
state and alleviated the pain and prolonged the life of cancer patients.<br>
Of late the pharmaceutical industry in advanced countries started to put on the 
market so called cancer vaccines (active specific immunotherapy). The vaccines, 
bacterial extracts, as adjuvants, with autologous and or allogenic cancer cells 
to generate antibodies to cancer cells, facilitating the killer T-cells to 
recognize and destroy cancer cells.<br>
The laboratory work to modify autologous or allogenic cancer cells are not 
ordinary and simple. When our lab work augments the active specific 
immunotherapeutic agents, the Tubercin will be one of the best adjuvants. 
Meanwhile, the main point of AIDS is its virus killing T-cells and Tubercin 
helps maintain healthy T-cells. Consequently, we focus our effort on the 
application of Tubercin to AIDS.<br>
TUBERCIN is derived from micro bacterium tuberculosis. As an immunostimulant, 
TUBERCIN strengthens a person's own immune system and assists in seeking out and 
combating cancer cells. HTTD is potentially able to develop TUBERCIN into a 
low-cost product to treat cancer patients on an international scale. Salient 
treatment, through the administration of TUBERCIN, could positively affect 
thousands of lives in North America. In addition, Europe and Asia have millions 
of lives at risk each year because of viral diseases such as cancer.<br>
TUBERCIN IS A FINISHED PRODUCT. Tubercin as an inmunostimulant has been 
administered to human patients in stages three and four of terminal cancer. 
There have been no indications of any adverse side effects in human trials. 
There has been encouraging results of patients with TUBERCIN in the last 
fourteen years. Various forms of cancer were involved and many of the patients 
A review of clinical studies indicate TUBERCIN has no side effects and could 
possibly be administered in conjunction with other such modalities for the 
treatment of cancer without any adverse effects. The scientific presumption 
would be the distinct possibility of a strengthened immunity system and the 
administration of treatment such as chemotherapy at the later stages of tumor 
growth would not be impeded by the weakened condition of the terminal cancer 
patient. To this end the Company has been assisted by outside consultants 
reviewing the research data and human trials involving TUBERCIN to see 
specifically whereby incidents of dual treatment produced favorable results in 
terms of moving toward indication of prolongation of the life of the cancer 
There is recognition that morphine is an trusted pain killer, but in totality it 
cannot be said that it has no side effects. In the maintaining of patient care, 
there is the strong possibility that TUBERCIN could be also considered as a 
candidate for a pain management. The Company's scientists describe TUBERCIN as 
having the high propensity of deadening the nerve endings in specific areas 
where cancer has caused erosion and consequently much pain.<br>
Presently, HTTD has the patent rights for Korea, Japan and the United States. 
The Korean patent was issued on October 29, 1998 (Registration No. 173362). The 
Japanese patent was issued on June 12, 1998 (Registration No. 2790447). The 
United States patent was issued on August 14, 2001 (Registration No.6,274,356). 
Currently, patents are pending for Canada and Europe (the United Kingdom, 
France, Germany, Italy and Spain). <br>
In the 20th century, the number of cancer patients has been on the rise. 
Although many anti-cancer agents were developed and an enormous study on its 
essence continued, the mortality by cancer still is on the rise. Mankind may be 
chronically threatened with cancer in the 21st century. Nine million new case of 
cancer occur annually and five million people die from breast cancer, reports 
the World Health Organization. Dramatic rises in life expectancy and change in 
lifestyle are estimated to increase the number of new cancer cases to 20 million 
annually by 2020 and cancer deaths to more than 10 million. <br>
About 552,200 Americans - more than 1,500 people a day - are excepted to die of 
cancer this year. In the United States, one of every four deaths is attributed 
to cancer. Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States. 
Exceeded only by heart disease. About 5 million lives have been lost to cancer 
since 1990 and about 13 million new cases have been diagnosed. In 2000, more 
then 1.2 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed. The number of 
cancer cases will continue to grow, spurred by the aging population. By 2009, 
tese patients could total 8.4 million. In 1997, about 6.3 million people 
worldwide died from some form of cancer, and most major international cancer 
agencies expect this number to double by 2022.<br>
Please note that HTDS had absolutley nothing to do with this report and is not a 
participant in any way.<br>
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This report is based on Stock-Market Spotlight's independent analysis but also 
relies on information supplied by sources believed to be reliable. This report 
may not be the opinion of HTDS management. This report should be considered 
biased and contains usually only positive statements regarding the featured 
company. Stock-Market Spotlight does not own or will not purchase HTDS common 
shares in the open market. The information contained in this report shall not 
constitute, an offer to sell or solicitation of any offer to purchase any 
security. Penny stocks are considered to be highly speculative and may be 
unsuitable for all but very aggressive investors. It is intended for information 
and entertainment only. Some statements may contain so-called &quot;forward-looking 
statements&quot;. Many factors could cause actual results to differ. Investors should 
consult with their Investment Advisor concerning HTDS. This newsletter was 
written and distributed for a 4000 dollar fee paid by a third party HTDS 
shareholder who is purported to have a large stock position in the featured 
company. It is unknown to Stock-Market Spotlight whether this shareholder 
intends to sell any or all of his stock position in the featured company. 
Copyright 2004 Stock-Market Spotlight. All Rights Reserved.<br>
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