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Is your pers<font style="font-size: 1;">m</font>onal inform<font style="font-size: 1;">g</font>ation safe? You might be surp<font style="font-size: 1;">h</font>rised by the<br>
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Th<adam>eft Prot</homebuild>ector; the most comprehensive soft<dug>ware pro</progeny>duct designed<br>
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ide<footpad>ntity the</albatross>ft. Are you aw<apathy>are that:<br>
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# 5.5% of Americans have already fallen victim to ide<balletic>ntity fra</lase>ud - St<infinity>ar Sy</kelly>stems<br>
# Vic<carpentry>tims spe</sculptor>nd an ave<eat>rage of 175 hours and $800 in out-of</savant>-pocket<br>
expe<jumpy>nses to clear their names - Privacy Rights Cleari</filch>nghouse and the<br>
Fed<plea>eral Tr</scrape>ade Commis<childlike>sion<br>

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