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Stock Profile of the Week - NEW ISSUE: SEVI - Systems Evolution Incorporat=

Systems Evolution Incorporated (SEVI) is a high technology consulting firm=
 with cutting-edge technologists and integration specialists.  Its seasone=
d staff, which includes former lead technical officers from other organiza=
tions, possesses considerable expertise and multiple certifications in tec=
hnologies from such industry leaders as Microsoft, Sybase, Oracle, and Nov=
ell, as well as innovators such as Plumtree, SAP, and Actuate.

As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider=AE (MCSP), SEVI employs severa=
l Microsoft certified professionals. These individuals include Systems Eng=
ineers (MCSE), Systems Developers (MCSD), Database Administrators (MCDBA),=
 and Trainers (MCT).

SEI has extensive experience with enterprise-class Microsoft solutions, in=
 the platform implementation of Microsoft .NET servers as well as the deve=
lopment of Visual BASIC and Active Server Pages (ASP). Personnel help main=
tain our Gold Partner status with Novell.

Also, SEVI was a leader in the Java revolution. SEVI technologists were am=
ong the first Java trainers, and its developers achieved early recognition=
 for their usage of server-based Java technologies such as SilverStream ap=
plication servers and J2EE. Focused on Novell=92s application server techn=
ology, SEVI=92s Sun Java-certified personnel help maintain its Gold Partne=
r status with Novell.

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