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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are pleased to inform you, that during the process of our site 
modernization, due to every day updating of our link system, we became one 
of the most full world art catalogues, as well as the largest catalogue of 
the art sites and museums.
If you are the owner of a art-website than you have a chance to register 
yourself in our catalogue, to add a link and banner to your site via this 
registration form: http://www.gallery-a.ru/links/register.php

Now in the “Links” section you can find more than 5000 links to the art-
sites all round the world.   1074 of them are Russian sites, 20003 are 
links to the sites of the former USSR.
We have plans to enlarge this system up to the size of art-portal in the 
nearest future. 
If you would like to be informed about the new events in art and art-
business, to get acquainted with the contemporary creative work of the 
contemporary artists, welcome to our web site!
Gallery curator.

Also available on our site
Wallpapers: http://www.gallery-a.ru/luxury.php

Welcome to our website!
Gallery curator.

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