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Sun, 12 Oct 2003 17:01:14 -0500

Attention Day Traders - Watch OTC "CNRH" - If you watched this stock starting on October 1, 2003 you would have seen this stock go from $0.50 to a all time high of $1.80. Watch CNRH this week, this stock will move this week, our Analyst recommends this stock to rise above $2.40 cents within the next month. Make money with Penny Stocks from OTC Day Traders! 

Believe it or not! A trend has recently emerged that commands the attention of ALL individual investors---DAILY TRADING VOLUME ON THE OTC BULLETIN BOARD HAS RECENTLY SURPASSED 100 MILLION SHARES. The last time this happened was in the 3rd quarter of 1999 when NASDAQ climbed from 2442 (8/10/99) to 5132 (3/10/00), or a breath-taking gain of 110% in PRECISELY 7 months.  

TRADING History is possibly ready to repeat itself. Don't miss out on the next Stock Market ride to riches!  

CAUTION TO Individual Investors: The costs to YOU of being OUT of this stock market are now greater than the loss potential of being IN the market. Hold onto your hats…it’s gonna be one heluva ride up!

Day Traders Recommendation this week is for: Cornerstone Entertainment, Inc. OTC "CNRH" - This stock has recently begun its rise to the top - Why? 

Cornerstone Entertainment "CNRH" currently has eight feature length motion pictures in its "pipeline"...all of which convert to Revenues for the company's shareholders. Cornerstone Entertainment "CNRH" has an impressive backlog of creative product that encompasses:

  *Motion Pictures - Here is just one example to the financial projections in   
   the company's Earnings Model...Thier New Film entitle "Black Ball" - Begins filming  
   November 2003 and stars Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ray Liotta.

For more information on Cornerstone's Motion Picture BackLog Visit http://www.magweledc.com/cnrh6/


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