[Mono-bugs] Question

e26659@uajms.edu.bo e26659@uajms.edu.bo
Wed, 21 May 2003 16:02:08 -0400 (BOT)

I am one problem with the source for example:
in the order:

void action1(Object o, DataGridCommand e){

but when I call it in:

<asp:Datagrid id="dg1" AutoGenerateColumns=false EnableViewState=false
runat=server OnItemCommand="action1">
<asp:BoundColumn HeaderText="ID" DataField="id_i" />
<asp:ButtonColumn ButtonType="LinkButton" HeaderText="ID" Text="Go" />

the order or function action1 isn't execute, I don't Know, if it order
have problems of the Implentations.