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26 Mar 2003 20:51:16 +0300

Dear Madam and Sir,

The Art Gallery  Gallery-A     www.gallery-a.ru     invites you to the new 

Today on our page you can see more than 200 new wonderful paintings.

 We hope you will like them.

Our company, "GALLERY-A"  www.gallery-a.ru  , offer both modern 
and classical art, deals in a line of pieces of art by talented artists.
The most part of the paintings was painted by the St.-Petersburg artists.  
Their works  include original paintings, sculptures, etc., copies of 
masterpieces of various styles, countries and epochs, portraits made to 
order. These professional artists are high-skilled graduates of educational 
institutions such as the Academy of Fine Arts, High School for Arts and 
Design and other art colleges. 
You establish contact and find out new customers who would like to buy 
a masterpiece of realistic Art.

SITE: www.gallery-a.ru
E-MAIL: gallery-a@peterlink.ru

Best regards
Boris Lipner, General Manager

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