[Mono-bugs] Next of kin

JUDE ORJI judeorji@all-mychildren.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 03:50:27 +0000

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I am Jude Orji a Nigerian=2C 29years in possession of my dad=92s properties=2EI lost
him in a ghastly plane crash=2EHe was the Minister for youth and sport
here in Nigeria before he died =2ESince then I have been in charge of
his business and I have got no problem with that since I have been
doing that before his death=2E I received a letter from his bank
notifying me of his account in one of the banks in Nigeria that worth
47=2E5 Million dollars which he got from a computer deal he did with
the Federal Government of Nigeria=2E As a result of this notification I
 have wrote a letter through my Lawyer to the bank to transfer the
Money to a Security Company in holland=2C in which I have successfully
carried out in the last two month=2E Since I am his next of kin =2Cit was
so easier for me in doing this without the knowledge of my family =2EI
want to try as much as possible to transfer this money out of this
Security Company in holland before my family got know about this =2E I
know that this issue is a very sens!
itive one and it should not be discuss on the net=2E =2EWhy don=92t you
send me your phone # and your Fax # =3F so that=2C I  will be to get in
touch with you =2EThis deal is a risk free one and your gain shall be
40% of this money provided you co-operate with me =2Eupon receipt of your reply 
through the above Email{ judeorji=40all-mychildren=2Ecom }Remember not to
tell anybody about this deal because my daddy happens to be very
popular even after his death=2E Take care of yourself=2E
Thanks & God bless