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<font color=848400 size=4 face=arial>Super low-price for all softwares - All you will receive is the actual software and your own unique registration code</font><br><br>
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2002 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$270.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $50.00</font><br>
Microsoft Office 2003 Professional - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$499.00</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $110.00</font><br>
Microsoft Office XP Professional 2002 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$579.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $100.00</font><br>
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$266.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $50.00</font><br>
Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 2003 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$69.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $15.00</font><br>
Norton System Works 2003 Deluxe - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$96.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $40.00</font><br>
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$609.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $60.00</font><br>
Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$404.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $60.00</font><br>
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$449.00</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $100.00</font><br>
Adobe Illustrator 10 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$270.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $60.00</font><br>
Corel Draw Graphics Suite 11 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$270.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $120.00</font><br>
Linux Redhat 7.3 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$499.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $200.00</font><br>
Delphi 7 - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$404.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $70.00</font><br>
MS Money 2004 Standard - <font color=008000>retail: <STRIKE>$39.99</STRIKE></font> ; <font color=E80000>our price: $20.00</font><br>
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<font color=808000 size=4>Please note.. you're not buying any kind of subscription. you're purchasing tangible goods (cds) that will be delivered to your door</font><br><br>
<font color=F200F2 size=4>We ship to all countries by international airmail [free-of-charge] absolute no hidden cost</font><br><br>
<font color=E80000 size=4>Why So Cheap????</font><br>
It's because all the software is OEM - Meaning that you don't get the box and the manual with your software (this has made we can sell the software at low price without spending on the eye-catching box & printing the manual). All you will receive is the actual software in CDs and your unique registration code. 
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