[Mono-bugs] Restore hair color and growth

Trent Sorrentino Elbertavexurrfb@alumnidirector.com
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 12:46:50 -0500

Introducing doctor - formulated H-.G-.H

Human Hormon.e - also called H-.G-.H is referred to 
in medical science as the mast.er hormon.e. It is very 
plentiful when we are young, but near the age of 
twenty-one our bodies begin to pro.duce less of it. 
By the time we are forty nearly everyone is de.ficient 
in H-.G-.H, and at eighty our pro.duction has normally
diminish.ed at least 90-95%. 

Experience up to an 82% improvement in 
bod.y fa.t los.s while erasing 10 years in 10 Weeks!

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