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20 Apr 2003 16:04:00 -0000

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Get Wired with the convenience of Plastic Today!


- NO Annual Fee 
- NO Credit Checks 
- NO Security Deposit 
- NO Bank Account Required 
- NO Employment Verification 
- Online Account Management 
- Accepted at over 601,000 ATM's 
- 24 Million Locations Worldwide  


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<a href="http://directMXservice.com/offer.html?u=wplastic" target="_blank"><img src="http://a801.g.akamai.net/7/801/324/v113/dmx0.com/email/25-1.gif" border="0"></a></TD></TR>  
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Wired Plastic is a pre-funded, reloadable card that can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Wired Plastic helps you budget wisely and provides many money saving benefits that are not found with other cards. It's the smart way to use a MasterCard.  Wired Plastic allows you to set your own limits, control your spending, and benefit from being liquid all at the same time. Wired Plastic provides the convenience of cash and the safety of a card.<a href="http://directMXservice.com/offer.html?u=wplastic" target="_blank"><B>claim yours now.</b></a></font>
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