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<P><FONT color=3D#ff0000 size=3D+6><STRONG><EM>Do you need ADVERTISING?</E=
<P>In the history of advertising, there has never been anything that compa=
  to email.</P>
<P>Your ad delivered directy into the inboxes of thousands, even millions =
  people, instantly.</P>
<P><font color=3D"#FF0000" size=3D"4">If email advertising won't sell your=
    then nothing will.</font></P>
<P><FONT color=3D"#ff0000" size=3D4><STRONG>We can email anywhere from 250=
,000 to
      55 million people. Let us help you with your advertising needs today=
<P><strong><font color=3D"#ff0000" size=3D"4">***SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL**=
<P><FONT color=3D#ff0000 size=3D4><STRONG><font color=3D"#333333">250,000 =
- $499</font> <font color=3D"#FF0000">*Special
        <font color=3D"#333333">500,000 - $649 </font><font color=3D"#FF00=
00">*Special $499 </font><br>
        <font color=3D"#333333">1 million - $999</font> <font color=3D"#FF=
0000">*2 million for $1000</font> <br>
        <font color=3D"#333333">3 million - $1999</font> <font color=3D"#F=
F0000">*Special $1499 </font><br>
        <font color=3D"#000000">10 million - $4999</font> <font color=3D"#=
FF0000">*Special $3499</font></STRONG></FONT></P>
<P><strong><font size=3D"4">Specials end on Friday at 1 pm Pacific.</font>=
<P><em><strong><font color=3D"#ff0000" size=3D"4">CALL TODAY!!</font></str=
<P align=3Dcenter><strong><font size=3D"3">Note: This is national advertis=
ing only.
      We cannot target or segment in anyway</font><font size=3D"5">.</font=
<p><font color=3D"#FF0000"><strong>ATTENTION NETWORK MARKETERS</strong>:</=
<p><font color=3D"#333333"><strong>Let us help you generate biz op leads. =
</strong></font> We
  can help you generate quality leads. When the sales rep calls you ask fo=
r details.</p>
Want your own opt in list? We are selling a double opt-in list of 185,000 =
who have opted in and are known to have purchased through direct email mar=
We are only selling this list to 10 people for the <strong>very low cost</=
strong> of
$3500. <strong>Won't last.</strong>
  <P align=3Dcenter>&nbsp;</P>
<P align=3Dcenter><STRONG><FONT size=3D4>To learn more about email adverti=
print this form and fax </FONT></STRONG><FONT size=3D4><STRONG>back to:(70=
447-5895 and a representative will contact you shortly.</STRONG></FONT></P=
<P align=3Dcenter><STRONG>Name:_______________________ 
<P><STRONG>Fax #(_____)_____-__________ Email 
<P><strong>To be removed please send an email to unlist20032@inbox.lv</str=
<P><strong>Please note this is the only way to be removed. Removal request=
    fax or telephone will NOT be honored.</strong></P>
<p align=3D"center">&nbsp;</p>
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