[Mono-bugs] Mono-bugs, digi-clear - digital cable filter descrambler rag vufrweugebncke

Sal Pelletier 424xiu78@21cn.com
Mon, 14 Apr 03 20:25:57 GMT

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<p><font face=3Darial size=3D2>Hello Mono-bugs,<p>
<b><font face=3DArial>Why pay <!-- diver -->hundreds for an illegal=
 cable descrambler box
<p>when <a href=3Dhttp://www.faqchat.com/digiclear/index.php?RepID=3DSM>th=
is</a><font color=3Dblack> perfectly legal tool will do the same job.<br>
<font size=3D1 color=3D999999>To be excluded<!-- tabulation --> from fur=
ther mailings <a href=3Dhttp://www.faqchat.com/digiclear/cleanlist.php>cli=
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