[Mono-bugs] mono2001, Protect Your PC Today!

Taetzsch955077@yahoo.com Taetzsch955077@yahoo.com
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 19:30:09 -0500

Remember, deleting files from your computer is not good enough? 
All files you've executed, viewed, or even deleted are recorded ?
in a hidden encrypted database secretly stored on your computer!
Law Enforcement Officials can recover this data instantly. 
You need to download PC Cleaner and secure your privacy now! 

Anybody that uses your computer can easily view the sites you've visited!
Every website, image, and movie you see on the internet is saved to your computer and logged!
Your computer keeps a history of websites and files, it also saves this information in multiple places!
Your browsers built in privacy functions will not protect you!
Traces of your activities are still present!
Windows run history, recent documents, temporary files,
and even applications like MS Office and WinZip track where you've been!

If you've been somewhere you shouldn't, even by accident, you could get caught!
Maybe you've been searching for that special gift for your significant other.
Maybe you've been viewing porn. If you have viewed it (even if you haven't saved it)
the information and files are still on your computer! 
There's no easy way to eliminate these files permanently... until now!

It's time to protect your privacy, your job, your reputation, and your marriage!
It's time to use PC Cleaner to mass eliminate all of your threatening and secret files!

Click Here to Lear How to Protect Your PC TODAY!


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