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Mon, 23 Dec 2002 02:57:29 +0200

I.Q. Software - Bucharest

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Ref.: Romanian Software Production & Export

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                      Dear customer,

Please be so kind and review our Software Production export offer below:

                  Brief Export Proposal

Our area of interest is quality Software Production at the lowest prices.

The capabilities and references listed below show the advantages
obtained by the many institutions we worked for.

We would like you to send us your specific inquiry/offering demand.

This will give us the chance to prove our efficiency.

Our company's name is I.Q. Software, based in Bucharest, and
we are one of the most important Romanian  software companies.

The present IT situation suggests cheaper and more efficient OUTSOURCING

Thus, I.Q. Software proposes one of the best
solutions for cost cuts and increased efficiency.

Right from the beginning we turned our attention both
to private companies and public administration.

Our projects were born in Italy and afterwards they grew
and shaped up in Romania due to the high professionalism
and commitment of the team that worked to bring to
a successful end these daring projects.

Our success was possible due to excellent teamwork,
to access to the latest high performance software and
last but not least to the low prices for production
process on Romanian market.

That is why we can state that the products we offer
are most convenient on the international market
considering the high level of quality.

We think it's absolutely necessary to mention that
our products are  customer-tailored, developed
according to client's necessities and requests.

We develop our main activities in the following areas:

   outsourcing and software development,
   man-power, data-entry and map drawing.

Having had a number of clients throughout the years, we can
mention some in the European Community and in the United States.

   EUROPEAN Community:

Italian Ministry of Health
Italian Ministry of Finance
Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs
Italian Ministry of Justice
Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection
Italian Ministry of Aeronautics
The Italian Audit Office
City Hall of Rome
The Hospital in Giarre
The Abruzzo Region
Veneto Region
National Library in Florence
The Library of Naples

   United States:

Analytica Group
Staff Connect

More detailed information on clients and
developed applications is available upon request.

The experience we gained covers the following domains:

   PROGRAMMING Languages

- Delphi (Delphi 6, Delphi 7)
- Java (Java Script, Java Servlets, Struts, Java Velocity, Swing, EJB,
- .net (VB, VC++, C#)
- Oracle Developer(Oracle 6i, Oracle 9i)
- Power Builder
- RPG (ILE, 400), Cobol, Cics
- Visual Studio 6 (VB, VC++)
- Power Builder


- Access 2000, 97, 2001
- db 2
- Interbase 6.0
- MySQL 3.2.23
- Oracle
- Postgre 7.2.2
- SQL Server 7.0, 2000
- Sybase 5.0

   SERVER Applications

- Bea 6.1 (WebLogic)
- Jboss 3.00
- Oracle AS 9i
- Orion

   WEB Servers

- Apache 1.3.19, Apache 2.0
- Tomcat 3, 4


- Embeded Systems
- CORBA ( Ioana )

Our company, already present on the American market, is most interested
to be a potential partner in cooperating with American IT companies.

Our main interest is both on the American and European markets.

That is why we are available to directly discuss any new project.

We'd appreciate your feed-back containing detailed contact coordinates:
company name, address, phone and fax numbers, contact person, web-site.

          Our Area of Interest: Software Production Export
 We wish to express our availability to work under the client's brand.

Please don't hesitate to send us your specific inquiry/offering demand.

    We'll be happy to provide you the lowest prices in the field.

    Thanking you for your time and looking forward to your reply,
                      we wish you all the best.

I.Q. Software Staff