[Mono-bugs] GetCustomAttributes(bool) infinite loop

Tum tum_public@veridicus.com
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:15:34 +1200

Sorry for having to reply to myself...

I've tracked the bug down to the fact that mono doesn't return the
BaseType of "object" as null.

I confirmed this with:


(Under MS.NET it is null)

>From what I can see, the MonoType.element_class for Object is NOT NULL.
I'm pretty sure it should be since Object is neither an enum or an

This is what screws up the function: ves_icall_get_type_info

I've been up all night.  I hope someone can investigate this futher....



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Hi everyone,

There seems to be a bug where MemberInfo.GetCustomAttributes(true) goes
into an infinite loop.

Here's the code.

using System;

class TestMono
      public int x = 100;

	public static void Main()
		Type type = typeof(TestMono);


When run with mono or mint, the program will never stop.  If you call
GetCustomAttributes with the inherit parameter set to false it works

Can anyone else reproduce this?  I'm running on a fresh cygwin build.



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