[Mono-bugs] KINDLY HELP ME

DR BEN BANADIGO modesty200@maktoob.com
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 05:29:13 +0000

Dear friend,
            I am writing you with the believe that you will be kind enough to help change my life for good as your decision to this proposal will determine so,having worked with various Government parastatals for years with nothing to show for it due to poor salaries. As civil servants (government workers) we are highly monitored and not allowed by law to engage in private business not to talk of operating a foriegn account even with our low salaries that we earn. Hence this letter of assistance that you keep in your custody some funds while we remain anonymous pending when i retire from active service.,but before that,i have also been informed that either your company or you independently have contact to certain goods considered to be in high demand  that is required urgently in nigeria's vast market of above 120 million people.Against the inpending scarity of the goods,i have decieded that the money when transfered into your account shall be used for the importation of the goods from you or act on my  behalf  were ever the goods may be available.

Presently, at the foreign exchange remmitance department of the (Central Bank of Nigeria) CBN is a floating Ten Million Dollars intended for the business   to which applications shall be filed,approved, and received in favour of your name as the original beneficiary of the fund at the various relivant approval offices hopefully within five working days of receiving any fresh bank particulars of your choice ,were not avilable any bank account will be okay as all the machinaries\ contact are perfectly in place waiting to recieve the go ahead. Therefore,i urge you to send your bank particulars to enable the bank quicken the procces of tranfer.Infact, the nature of your buiness does not really matter as regards the transfr of the money. Our courage is based on the conviction that the money is in save hands while money in your account.

Let me quickly point out that the money in question is as a result of over-inflation of contract sum awarded to a foreign firm in my place of work (Ministry of Petroleum and  natural resources). The contractors that handled the job have long been paid the actual contractual sum after the execution and successful commissioning of the project and certificate of completion issued and  have since left Nigeria. 

 What the bank now seeks to transfer is the Ten million dollars representing the over inflated sum which the foreign firms do not have any thing to do with. For providing your bank account and other moral support to the business, 30% of the fund shall be yours. 5% shall be set aside from were all the expenses like your phone and other bills which will be deducted from, while our 65% goes back into estate or manufacturing  sectors as earlier stated.

We are assure of your utmost safety as all relivant approvals that will be received in your favour shall be destroyed to avoid been traced as the recipent of the fund. You do not  have any thing to fear.  This transaction is confidential and remains so at all times. Reply strictly to my email for more information, including your bank account, as it is the delaying aspect of the business.

I have been trying to get you on phone and fax but to avail,please reconfirm your phone and fax numbers for record purposes,i might have been making mistakes please.  

your sincerely