[Mono-aspnet-list] ASP.NET vNext, open-source and with first-class Mono support

Daniel Lo Nigro lists at dan.cx
Tue May 13 04:24:32 UTC 2014

Some fantastic news for people running ASP.NET on Mono. Scott Hanselman
wrote a blog post today about the various changes in ASP.NET vNext,
including the fact that it will be open source (with community
contributions) and they'll be adding Mono to their test matrix:

"ASP.NET vNext (and Rosyln) runs on Mono, on both Mac and Linux today.
While Mono isn't a project from Microsoft, we'll collaborate with the Mono
team, plus Mono will be added to our test matrix. It's our aspiration that
it "just work.""

Really awesome to hear, as this will definitely help with improving
ASP.NETcompatibility in Mono :)

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