[Mono-aspnet-list] exception trying to show line numbers in stack strace Mono mvc4 applicaton created in Visual Studio

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Sep 30 15:50:18 UTC 2013

I'm looking for a way to show line numbers in Mono MVC4 application created 
using Visual Studio Express 2012.
I installed pdb2mdb nuget package.

Running it in windows causes exception below for business layer assembly. 
For mvc controllers file is created properly.

How to fix this to show line numbers in stack traces ?

pdb2mdb.exe myassembly.dll

Fatal error:
System.ArgumentException: Decimal byte array constructor requires an array 
of length four containing valid decima
l bytes.
   at System.Decimal.SetBits(Int32[] bits)
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.BitAccess.ReadDecimal()
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.PdbConstant..ctor(BitAccess bits)
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.PdbScope..ctor(BlockSym32 block, BitAccess bits, 
UInt32& typind)
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.PdbFunction..ctor(String module, ManProcSym proc, 
BitAccess bits)
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.PdbFunction.LoadManagedFunctions(String module, 
BitAccess bits, UInt32 limit, Boolean rea
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.PdbFile.LoadFuncsFromDbiModule(BitAccess bits, 
DbiModuleInfo info, IntHashTable names, Ar
rayList funcList, Boolean readStrings, MsfDirectory dir, Dictionary`2 
nameIndex, PdbReader reader)
   at Microsoft.Cci.Pdb.PdbFile.LoadFunctions(Stream read, BitAccess bits, 
Boolean readAllStrings)
   at Pdb2Mdb.Driver.Convert(AssemblyDefinition assembly, Stream pdb, 
MonoSymbolWriter mdb)


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