[Mono-aspnet-list] How to use .Mobile views and make IsMobileDevice to work

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Sun Oct 13 19:26:11 UTC 2013

ASP.NET MVC4 application allows to use mobile views by adding .Mobile to 
file name, eq.
In Mono .Mobile views are not rendered.

I tested it by setting user Agent string in IE delevopler tools to Internet 
Explorer in Windows 8 Phone and to iPad.
Also tested in Chrome by setting user agent to Google nexus and tried custom 
user agent string.
In all cases, MVC4 application running in Mono 3.2 does not recognize mobile 
user agent.

Also `HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice` returns false

Same applications works OK in Windows.

How to force Mono to use .Mobile views ?
Using Mono 3.2 with Apache + mod_mono.


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