[Mono-aspnet-list] XSP build is broken. Enum.TryParse in .Net 2.0 only code

Jordan Earls earlz at lastyearswishes.com
Sat Jun 8 01:59:23 UTC 2013

It would appear that this commit:
the XSP build on my system, using Mono 3.0.7-1 on Arch Linux.

Upon doing `make`, I get

  GMCS  /out:fastcgi-mono-server2.exe
./main.cs(416,13): error CS0117: `System.Enum' does not contain a
definition for `TryParse'

Since old version of XSP are completely broken on Mono 3.x, I'd say it's a
good time to switch to using `mcs` instead of the version-specific variants

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