[Mono-aspnet-list] Problem with Ubuntu12.04LTS+Apache2.2+Mono+asp.net application

Ade javickers at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 24 16:04:21 UTC 2012


Solved it; my code was populating variables in Javascript. In accordance with lore, I had commented my actual script out (it's all in the header block); as soon as I removed the comments, the variables populated correctly...

e.g. I had something like (square brackets replace angle brackets)

[script lang='javascript'] [!--

    // blah blah scripty stuff
    // more script
    someJSvar = '[%=jsvariablename%]'

Remove the surrounding [!-- --] tags, and all was well.

--- On Wed, 24/10/12, Ade <javickers at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> From: Ade <javickers at yahoo.co.uk>
> Subject: [Mono-aspnet-list] Problem with Ubuntu12.04LTS+Apache2.2+Mono+asp.net application
> To: mono-aspnet-list at lists.ximian.com
> Date: Wednesday, 24 October, 2012, 13:05
> Hoping someone can help me out with
> this, as I don't seem to be able to find anything out
> there...
> I have a fairly complex web app, written in VB.Net for
> Framework 1.1. I have previously successfully deployed this
> via Ubuntu/Apache/Mono, the web app is a little slow to
> start up but works perfectly.
> Today, we installed on a new client using 64-bit Ubuntu
> 12.04, all the latest Apache/Mono stuff, and the app is
> acting wierdly:
> 1st page (login.aspx) works fine. On clicking the button, an
> AJAX request is sent, this is processed and returned
> properly, and the app moves onto the next page. All of the
> VB code under the page runs fine (I can see the results in
> the log), but instead of substituting my <%=xxx%>
> tags, Apache simply serves up the source ASPX file
> unchanged.
> The exact same technique works fine in the login page.
> The app compiles perfectly, no errors or warnings, and runs
> fine under IIS.
> There are no errors showing in either the underlying code
> log, or in the Apache log (I was getting registry key
> errors, but fixed that).
> Anyone got any ideas what might be going on and - more
> importantly - how  I might fix it? I don't want to have
> to ditch the setup & go with a Windows VM if I can help
> it.
> Cheers,
> Ade.
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