[Mono-aspnet-list] issues with intermittent apache hangups

Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky serge.lobanovsky at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 05:46:14 UTC 2012

Jesse, you are by far deeper into the details of this than me. Being a
Linux enthusiast, nevertheless I completely turned my back to Mono, and
currently use Scala and the JVM stack for our projects.

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 10:23 PM, Jesse Pasichnyk <jesse at pasichnyk.net>wrote:

> I have leak issues even on the latest git  from the 2.10 branch when
> running under fastcgi, not sure if they exist under mod_mono or xsp.  Not
> sure if my issues are they same, as I see leaked sockets via "lsof |grep
> mono|grep identify", but others have suggested that they are due to mvc
> leveraging cache/session for mvc3, even if you try to disable it.  I can
> try to dig up pages/stackoverflows/blogs if your interested.  End result is
> memory consumption and sometimes exhausted file handles taking the service
> down.
> Right now, I'm trying to port my service over to servicestack and remove
> all traces of mvc, and see how that works.  Not a huge undertaking since my
> service is just a redirect service, not a full website.  Although, if that
> works, I plan to do a similar effort with my www and dashboard, though
> keeping mvc but backed by servicestack ISession and ICache implementations.
> Very interested to hear what you guys have found, etc though, as it
> appears were all bumping up against the same or related issues.
> Currently I've gotten around it by over building servers behind haproxy,
> and doing regular (but annoying) soft recycles of each service instance a
> couple times a day.  Usually have to recycle them after about 12hrs and/or
> 200k requests handled to avoid issues.
> -
> Jesse
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> To: Dan
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> Subject: Re: [Mono-aspnet-list] issues with intermittent apache hangups
> Hello Dan,
> Did you finally revert to using the MS stack?
> I wonder if the issues described in this thread are still happening to
> others :)
> By the way, my setup back then also used fluent nhibernate, but I don't
> remember the exact version, as it was a year ago.
> Sergey.
> On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 12:32 PM, Dan <parnham at gmail.com> wrote:
>> An update on where we are with this issue!
>> The libraries that we are now using are as follows:
>> mono 2.10.2
>> fluent nhibernate 1.2 (nhibernate 3.1)
>> MVC3
>> We've spent the past couple of months trying to figure out why our
>> applications are leaking memory and have found a few worrying issues. I
>> won't go into details about some of the problems we've seen but will
>> concentrate on the leaks since they cause the web applications to
>> gradually
>> grind to a halt.
>> I developed a test application (MVC 2 & 3) which contained some simple
>> javascript to poll the server very quickly. Monitoring this with the mono
>> profiler we found that it never seemed to be garbage collecting the
>> CacheItems. However it didn't leak at the same rate as our full web
>> applications so something else was going on too.
>> Finally with a lot of experimentation we have found that if we switch our
>> web applications to sessionless (sessionState mode="Off" in Web.config)
>> they
>> no longer seemed to leak CacheItems and we found that running nhibernate
>> in
>> "thread_static" mode did not seem to leak but "web" did. Since we couldn't
>> leave it as thread_static for the web applications we switched to our own
>> simplified CurrentSessionContext implementation.
>> With those changes our web applications appeared to no longer leak, but in
>> fact the applications stopped leaking when running in XSP and as soon as
>> we
>> deploy to mod_mono they happily start chewing up memory again.
>> We are also developing a daemon to run alongside the web applications that
>> uses the same fluent based data provider as the web application (although
>> running in thread_static mode) and the memory usage for that appears to be
>> solid, so we know it is not a problem with our data provider
>> implementation.
>> All the evidence seems to point towards the System.Web related libraries
>> (with hints of CacheItem and HashMap thrown in), but we are not familiar
>> enough with how it all works to even know where to begin looking, and
>> frankly we've wasted too much time on this already.
>> We have been trying to solve these issues for so long now that we're
>> having
>> to seriously consider deploying to .NET, despite the fact that we've
>> invested a lot of time in building a linux-based server module for the
>> daemon and web applications.
>> If we are no longer seeing leaks using XSP, is there a possibility that we
>> could deploy our web application using that instead of mod_mono (by
>> setting
>> up apache with mod_proxy)?
>> Regards,
>> Dan
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