[Mono-aspnet-list] fastcgi-mono-server4 webapp config

Francis Siefken fsiefken at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 12:06:00 UTC 2012


We want a web application to respond to multiple (in this case two)
vhosts domains in order to set the culture automatically depending on
the domain name. For example: the C# code should be able to detect
www.quetzalcoatl.nl and display a Dutch page, the same goes for routing
www.quetzalcoatl.com to an English page. Both domains should be
configured in the webapp, but there is only one vhosts element.
Unfortunately it seems only the subdomain can have a wild card like
this *.quetzalcoatl.com and double vhosts entries cannot be used. What
syntax can be used to accomplish this or are we forced to use 2
applications with seperate aspx's paths?
The fastcgi-mono-server4 man page from which the example below
is taken is not clear about it.

              <vhost>{virtual host for application}</vhost>
              <vport>{port for the application}</vport>
              <vpath>{virtual directory in apache}</vpath>
              <path>{physical path to aspx files}</path>
              <!-- <enabled> is true by default -->

Kind regards,
Francis Siefken
The Netherlands

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