[Mono-aspnet-list] WebActivator

Erik Schierboom e.schierboom at uci.ru.nl
Tue Jun 12 07:35:00 UTC 2012

I am trying to run my ASP.NET MVC3 website on the latest version on Mono 
2.10.8. So far, most of it is working fine, save for the WebActivator 
module. For some reason, none of my 
WebActivator.PreApplicationStartMethod and 
WebActivator.PostApplicationStartMethod methods get executed. Does 
anyone have an idea on how to get the WebActivator working on Mono? On 
my Windows development machine, everything works fine.

The simplest way to reproduce this problem is to create a new ASP.NET 
MVC3 application and add a NuGet package that uses the WebActivator 
(e.g. MiniProfiler.MVC). After correctly integrating the MiniProfiler, 
verify that it works on a Windows machine and then test it on a Mono 

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