[Mono-aspnet-list] [VB.Net] MS vs. Mono for web apps?

william leader william.leader at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 23:43:02 UTC 2012

I made the switch from VB.Net to C# a long time ago, and my experience
was very positive. Since you would still be working with all the same
framework objects, and can still use all the same third party
libraries and objects all that knowledge will transfer over with
almost no effort on your part. This means all you are really
concentrating on is the change in syntax so it won't be as hard as
learning an entirely new language from scratch.

However if you are set against learning C# you could still produce a
compiled web application in VB.Net using Microsoft tools and then
transfer that onto a Mono host. Mono can usually run the compiled
website without too much trouble. However if you should run into
trouble you might run into some quirks that will be harder to diagnose
than if the code was being compiled by Mono.

I'm gonna agree with Alex and recommend you at least give C# a try.
Given your experience, it won't be as hard to learn as Java or Python
would be since you don't have to learn new object libraries. Likewise
you'll probably find more support within the community to help you
diagnose C# code, and fewer compiler quirks when using Mono.

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 12:54 PM, Alexander M. Batishchev
<abatishchev at godfather.net.ru> wrote:
> If shortly,
>> Linux + Mono + VB.Net
> No
>> Linux + Mono + C#
> Yes
> If bit more descriptive,
> From my experience, C# compiler implementation by Mono is enormously, in
> several digits more full and feature reach then of VB.NET.
> I'd recommend you:
> - Switch and learn C# (it's the core language of .NET and is its future, not
> VB)
> - Have practice under Windows
> - Then try to switch to Mono, first in parallel, then fully.
> Cheers!
> Alex
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> Hello
> I'm a small-time developper and use VB.Net to write desktop applications on
> Windows, and would like to have some feedback about writing web applications
> in Mono, so that I don't have to learn another language.
> I'd like to check how Mono compares to Microsoft's implementation of the
> .Net framework, so that I know if Linux + Mono + VB.Net is a viable option
> for web applications, of if it's more reasonable to use the orthodox
> solution of Windows + MS .Net framework + VB.Net.
> Is there a good, recent article based on actual tests so that I can make an
> informed choice?
> Thank you.
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