[Mono-aspnet-list] XBuild and System.Web.Mvc

Brandur brandur at brandur.org
Thu Jan 19 16:32:19 UTC 2012


When I do the following:

    1) Create and save a simple ASP.NET application using MonoDevelop
    2) Run XBuild from the command line against that the *.sln file
    3) Start XSP against the solution's web project

I'll get failures on all pages due to the following error:

    The parent type 'System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage' does not derive from

It seems that the error occurs because the System.Web.Mvc assembly isn't
available at runtime.

When I build the exact same project from MonoDevelop, a copy of
System.Web.Mvc ends up in the project's `bin` directory (whether using
MD's xbuild backend or not), and thereafter XSP runs fine.

What's the difference? Am I missing a build step somewhere?


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