[Mono-aspnet-list] mod mono installation

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Feb 14 14:48:00 UTC 2012

On 13.02.2012 18:01, Holly wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to make my Centos server capable of running asp.net websites. I
> have found out that I need mono 2.10.5+ to be able to use MySql Conector
> 6.4.4. (Trying to make it run with 2.10.2 proven this true). So I have
> downloaded, compiled and installed mono 2.10.8 and tried with non-asp
> application using mysql connector (works). Now I am trying to make mod_mono
> with apache 2.2.21 working. Downloaded sources, compiled, installed, gained
> nescessary .so file and moved mod_mono.conf from /etc/httpd/conf to
> /etc/httpd/conf.d ... using phpinfo() I have verified .so was loaded, but it
> seems I went wrong somewhere because I am missing mod-mono-server4.exe (or
> in fact any mod-mono-server?.exe). Were they renamed to "mod.exe"? I have

Mono-mono-server is part of the XSP package which you don't seem to
have compiled and installed. At least you did not mention it.


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