[Mono-aspnet-list] Options for Authentication

Tim Nelson nelson.timothy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 13:13:52 EST 2011

I've got a set of web services that must have some form of authentication
passed from the mobile devices to these services to validate/identify them.
My original thought was to always pass the authentication key as the first
argument to every method.  This will work but to me seems like a major hack/
poor design.  Next thought was to bury the authentication key in the Soap
Header and decorate the methods with attributes that handle this.  Problem
here is it seems the "Required" flag in SoapHeaderAttribute is deprecated
and ignored.  Next thought was to try and move the services from ASP.Net to
WCF, but I can't seemed to even get mod_mono to process a simple
Service1.svc application.  Maybe I am just missing something in the
configuration, but I am worried WCF is not fully implemented yet.

So I need some advice,  if you were me today how would you accomplish this
in mono?  Thanks!
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