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Jesse Pasichnyk jesse at pasichnyk.net
Tue Feb 15 16:37:10 EST 2011

In my mind, the current fastcgi implemetation in mono is too buggy to
rely on, and you should stick with mod_mono on the backend. I've tried
this via lighttpd as well as nginx, with varying luck and many issues
found. Save yourself some trouble and stick with mod_mono until the
fastcgi implmentation has been rewritten (2.10?). 



On Tue,
15 Feb 2011 04:39:00 +0000, "Daniel J. Summers"  wrote:  
On Mon, Feb
14, 2011 at 4:43 PM, JZ  wrote:

 Is anyone hosting Mono on


 Anyone else run in to this (ScriptMethod returns 405/500 "can't
 Page.aspx/MethodName") issue?

Yep - and it's why I, at the
suggestion of someone else, am looking at migrating back to Apache2,
using the worker MPM and mod_fcgi to have Apache spawn the Mono
processes. I'm still in the working-it-out phase. The problem with nginx
is that, in the URL /my_service.asmx/GetCoolStuff, it's assuming that
"/GetCoolStuff" is either a file with no extension or a directory. Since
some RFC doesn't allow for this, nginx intercepts it and just returns a
405. There was a patch posted to forums, but the repository version
(Ubuntu) was well past the version the patch should have been in, and
the behavior still remained. 

I tried lots of different things, but the
lack of a case-insensitive switch (in nginx natively - MONO_IOMAP=all
works great for the Mono piece), along with its viewing of the entire
URL (including query string) making URLs like
"image.axd?file=/App_Data/files/10/09/28/pic.jpg" fail because they
match .jpg instead of .axd, I'm pursuing the Apache solution.

Certainly post back (pardon the pun) here if you figure it out;
however, the "Apache manages the process" thing will also fix a nagging
PHP-hang problem I've had with nginx (which PHP-FPM hasn't), so unless I
hit an insurmountable roadblock, that's the route I'm heading towards.
I'm planning on writing up how I made it work (once I have made it
work), and posting the URL to that to this list. 

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