[Mono-aspnet-list] Bug With Default Index Files (MonoServerDefaultIndexFiles) and Pre-compiled Sites with Xsp2

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Feb 5 08:21:22 EST 2011

On 05.02.2011 13:51, Dave Glick wrote:
>> AFAIR, precompiling does not remove the .aspx et al. It just strips
>> them out of content and leaves one line saying that the file is a
>> place holder... So 'Default.aspx' should be there with that line
>> but the actual class is loaded from the 'bin' directory.
> That's close, but not quite right. It puts all the precompiled
> placeholders in the /bin directory rather than their original
> location and gives them all pseudo-random names to avoid name
> collisions. Inside the file it contains the location that the file
> would have been had it not been precompiled. For example, for my root
> Default.aspx file I ended up with a file named
> default.aspx.cdcab7d2.compiled in /bin with the following content
> (notice the virtualPath attribute):

When I precompile my sites with MS.NET 3.5, all *.as?x
files are kept in place with their content replaced with:

"This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool,
and should not be deleted!"

So they are actually physically existent, additionally to
their precompiled form in the "bin" directory.

Please explain how and with which tool/.NET version you're
precompiling your site.


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