[Mono-aspnet-list] Bug With Default Index Files (MonoServerDefaultIndexFiles) and Pre-compiled Sites with Xsp2

Dave Glick dglick at dracorp.com
Fri Feb 4 18:01:39 EST 2011


I think I've found a bug with specifying default index files with pre-compiled sites. I'm using Xsp2 to host/test a web application. In my web.config file I have the following section:

<appSettings><add key="MonoServerDefaultIndexFiles" value="Default.aspx" /></appSettings>

When I use this web.config file in a site with normal un-compiled pages everything works perfectly and the Default.aspx page is used as the default when no other page is specified. However, if I use the exact same web.config file on the exact same site, but I've pre-compiled the site, the default index doesn't work and I have to explicitly go to the Default.aspx page to get it to show. Everything else seems to be working fine in the pre-compiled version. I've also verified that the web.config file is getting processed correctly in both cases by denying all access through the authentication system and verifying that it took effect. Has anyone else run across this problem?

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