[Mono-aspnet-list] Support for C#.NET Web Projects rather than only Web Applications?

Mike Christensen mike at kitchenpc.com
Sat Dec 17 14:47:01 EST 2011

> Hello,
> I spent a good and enjoyable portion of the morning converting a 6 project
> solution from VS.NET 2010 to MonoDevelop.  Made the changes necessary to get
> everything to compile, except...
> My web sites are what VS and MS refer to as Web Sites, they are not Web
> Applications with designer files and they do not compile to a DLL.  It is
> simply too impractical for these sites, and although I love MonoDevelop it
> too big a sacrifice to convert everything over to web applications.
> So, is there any way to keep the "Web Site" structure intact, to have new
> files not auto-generate designer tools, to avoid the CS0103 errors when I
> declare a control in the .aspx file and reference it in code-behind?
> Any assistance would elate me beyond what words could describe :)
> Chris

I think a very good first step would be to at least be able to open
Visual Studio .sln files with web sites, or at least the ability to
convert such a solution over to a full MonoDevelop project.

I'm running into the same boat, and would be interested in knowing the
suggested workarounds right now.


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