[Mono-aspnet-list] Query Asp.net with apache on linux with mono (Configuration problem)

Vivek Srivastava srivastava.vivek1989 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 17:45:35 EDT 2011

Hi Monoers,
As this is my first post,  I am not sure whether this word has been used by
anyone else or not.
But I would like to call any mono user as a *'''monoer"".*
I have been using C# on windows and also a bit of asp.net
But Now I thought to start Asp.Net app development on linux using mono using
I got into few problems:Here is the problem statement
*I installed each and every bit of software related to mono to host asp.net
*Initially everything worked fine when I used XSP on port 8080.But when I
used apache mod_mono*
*handler on apache2 ,it showed the directory forbidden,So I added Allow for
all with SetHandler mono in *
*<Location > directives (as suggested for apache2).But it says the localhost
is temporarily down.And when I stopped *
*the apache and restarted again xsp ,the localhost web pages were not
working.I am also giving the file httpd.conf as a link.*
*Any suggestions are welcome from the community.*
*Link to Apache httpd.conf : *
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