[Mono-aspnet-list] static (singleton) class performance/issues on Mono

Tim Nelson nelson.timothy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 12:15:34 EDT 2011

Part of the set of web services I am deploying on ASP.NET Mono depend
on making a connection to an another server by a socket for certain
requests.  Part of opening up that socket (and the associated init
code from that server) is fairly expensive.  I decided to create a
singleton static class that keeps a pool of socket connections keyed
by a token (this is handed out the the client to uniquely identify
them) so that I can keep those sockets open between requests.  I also
start a thread in this class that reaps entries if a socket hasn't
been used in (say) 15 minutes.

My question is...is this a proper model for handling what I need to
do?  Other than memory usage, is there anything I should be concerned
about?  I am fairly new to ASP.Net and I wanted to make sure the
foundation I am creating will stand up over the long haul.


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