[Mono-aspnet-list] R: ASP.NET and .mp4 mime type

Ing. Antonio Anzivino anzivino at studenti.unina.it
Fri Sep 3 09:53:53 EDT 2010

This is surely a problem with HTTP MIME headers. Have you tried one of the

* If file is accessible from direct URL (ie yoursite.com/yourmovie.mp4),
check Apache mod_mime or .htaccess for proper mp4 MIME type (which should be
* If file is returned by a servlet (IHttpListener), add Response.ContentType

Your browser correctly handles the MP4 format while the MIME headers are not
sent, it's because all modern browser have a special format detector that
examines the first bytes of a file for possible formats.
In general, this is not related to Mono itself but to your webapp/webserver

Hope to be of help,
Antonio Anzivino

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Noone with the same problem?

I can't find other filetypes with the same problem (flv loads in a
swf-player; avi can run through a plugin; mpg, pdf and mp3 opens directly in
the browsers). 

Only mp4 seems to be the problem. I've tried streaming it to a swf-player,
open it through a plugin and directly, but without any luck.

It's not a mime-problem, since the file is recognized and I can download
them and watch them, but not open them online.

Is this to be considered as a bug in mono? And if so where do I file such a

HELP! Please! 

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