[Mono-aspnet-list] Alternative trace viewer

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Thu Nov 4 09:04:13 EDT 2010


I would like to extend the custom trace.axd viewer changing the way 
it shows infos. I would like to have a web viewer and reading only 
the system.diagnostic trace is not enough cause it doesn't have 
httpcontext data.
I've done something in MS.NET developing a new httphandler using 
reflection and a bunch of reverse engineering of the default handler.
Obviously the internals of asp.net tracing in mono are different then 
I've to redo all from the beginning.
I saw that the default handler use TraceManager that is sealed and 
the main part of rendering is contained inside InfoTraceData class 
instead of inside the handler.
There's some way to plug a custom version of InfoTraceData or the way 
is to develop an httpHandler that performs the rendering accepting 
TraceData as input?
Thanks in advance.

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