[Mono-aspnet-list] Is anyone actually doing this successfully?

Joe Dluzen jdluzen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 00:01:35 EDT 2010

Yes, I also am running a site. I'm currently on 2.4, but 2.6 using
http://badgerports.org/ is real soon (on Ubuntu 10.04).

List of stuff I use: VS2008, Sql Server Express 2005 (for Windows
development and SubSonic relationships), SubSonic, MySql, Ssl,
Mercurial, Ftp over Ssh, forms authentication, custom role and
membership providers, cookies, sessions, the Cache and Bitmap classes,
RssToolkit. GridView is used extensively, and I've had no issues with

Running on: Linode 512 with mod_mono and GZip enabled. (A Php site is
on there too.)

Connecting to: PayPal, Ebay, Usps, and "soon" serving a custom Wpf
application using Asmx. Wouldn't mind going Wcf, but the server end of
it, including security, is where things get fuzzy. Client APIs
probably wouldn't be an issue with the Silverlight subset implemented.
And PayPal doesn't like Wcf, so ...

Various problems I ran in to: Initial configuration was alright I
guess, pieces missing, but jammed together from various sources.
mod_mono on Ubuntu basic setup went well, but limiting the memory
usage doesn't look like it's working. Had to patch SubSonic (2.2) due
to a database naming issue with Sql Server Express vs MySql. Might
have to patch the MySql connector due to connection pool issues. Had
an issue when Google changed their Ssl certs for email. To get around
it, I had to route it through postfix locally. 2.6 is supposed to have
it fixed. Ran into an issue with Aes.Create, had to create it

Once everything was solved, it's running quite well. I would love to
move it over to MonoDevelop some day.

Also, I believe that http://mono-project.com/ is running on it? I
thought I saw that somewhere, but can't remember right now.


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