[Mono-aspnet-list] ASP.NET MVC Precompiled website issues - Virtual Directories not working

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Jan 22 08:39:54 EST 2010

On 22.01.2010 13:32, Russell Kay wrote:
> All,
> Is anyone else having problems with precompiled websites?
> Preamble... version of Mono is 2.6.1 and I have tested on Windows and
> MacOS.
> I have followed the examples online but I cannot get Virtual
> directories working at all, everything is fine as long as I keep
> everything at the root i.e.
> aspnet_compiler -f -v / -p MyWebsite c:\temp\CompiledWebsite
> and then
> xsp2 --address --applications /:c:\temp'\\CompiledWebsite
> works fine, when I browse to

It should work fine if you pre-compile with "-v /" and change
the application name later at runtime:

	xsp2 --applications /foo-is-not-slash:physical-path


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