[Mono-aspnet-list] error CS1679: Invalid extern alias for /reference [...] makes me afraid

Christian Herzog cherzog at web.de
Wed Feb 3 17:33:43 EST 2010

I have the same error.

While testing a while I found out that it seems to be a problem with the 

For me, it is not possible to create a file there without getting the 
error. (Btw: Even an empty file will end with the error.)

It is possible to compile the file with gmcs (gmcs -target:library 
DB.cs) without errors. The file:

     using System;
     using System.Data;
     public class DB
         public DB()

So I don't think the problem is due to the code.

I develop with "Visual Studio Web Developer" via FTP on a Debian Etch 
System (Mono-Version from the Backports).

 > error CS1679: Invalid extern alias for /reference. Alias ' Version' 
is not a
 > valid identifier
Not without seeing some source - please create a small test case, and 
open a bug report
(http://mono-project.com/Bugs, file for the System.Web component) with 
the test case attached.

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