[Mono-aspnet-list] FastCgi Mono Server and Apache

loopedcode bdkid39 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 13 13:56:48 EDT 2009

I have been trying to setup the fastcgi-mono-server2 with Apache without any
success.  I can run xsp fine and it serves aps.net pages perfectly.

Is there any definitive guide on how to setup fastcgi mono server with
apache? I could only find sparse info on how to set it up. I would
appreciate if anyone can point to right setup steps or guide.

Here are my setup:
mono and xsp was installed with prefix /usr/local.
Apache version is: 1.3
My CGI file:

/home/user1/bin/mono-fcgi &

exec /usr/local/bin/cgi-fcgi \
    -bind -connect /home/user1/tmp/mono-fcgi.sock

Here is the mono-fcgi file:


function log()
    echo "[log:] $@" >> /home/user1/bin/mono-fcgi.err

function spawn()
    umask 0077
    chmod 0777 /home/user1/tmp/mono-fcgi.sock

    echo $$ > $PIDFILE

    export PREFIX="/usr/local"
    export LDFLAGS="-Wl,--rpath -Wl,$PREFIX"
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$PREFIX/lib"
    export LD_RUN_PATH="$PREFIX/lib"
    export PATH="$PREFIX/bin:$PATH"
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig"
    export TMP="/home/user1/tmp"
    export MONO_SHARED_DIR="/home/user1/tmp"

    # stdin is the socket handle
    exec env \
        /usr/local/bin/fastcgi-mono-server2 \
        /socket=unix:$SOCKET \
        /root=/home/user1/www/aspnet \
        /applications=/:/home/user1/www/aspnet \
        /logfile=/home/user1/bin/mono-fcgi.log \
        /loglevels=All \
        2>> /home/user1/bin/mono-fcgi.err

    echo -1 > $PIDFILE

function startIfNotRunning()
    touch $PIDFILE
    PID="$(cat $PIDFILE)"
    if ps $PID >& /dev/null; then
        exit 0


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