[Mono-aspnet-list] quotes within qoutes

Stefan Kadow Stefan.Kadow at cervis.de
Thu Nov 26 07:02:58 EST 2009


I am using a ValidationSummary with HTML-code as HeaderText-property:
HeaderText="<button type='button'
  <img src='img/reset.gif' alt='X' />

The javascript function just change the css-style:
function hideVldSum(vldName) {
  var vld = document.getElementById(vldName);
  vld.style.display = "none";

The ValidationSummary is within a MultiView-Control on an UpdatePanel.
After changing between different views, the javascript event does not
fire anymore.

The problem seems to be the key-word "&qout;".
Everything works fine, if I call the javascript function without this:
function hideVldSum(vldCntrl) {
  var vld = document.getElementById(vldCntrl.id);
  vld.style.display = "none";

There are no problems on .NET in Visual Studio, so perhaps it is a bug?


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