[Mono-aspnet-list] Mono 2.4 + mysql connector 6.0.3 + asp.net => casting error in Net::Socket

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Thu May 7 11:14:49 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I'm cross posting this because I do not know where it fits best...

I just upgraded mu mono 2.2 environment (on gentoo) to 2.4 (mono,
mod_mono, xsp2) and promptly all my asp.net projects that use the mysql
connector stop working.

At the point where I call the Fill method on the mysqldataAdapter, I get
a "cannot cast" error in Net::Socket error in the browser window.

The problem occurs everytime, using different versions of the mysql

I downgraded back to mono 2.2 and the problems went away (using
different connectors)

Also, the relevant part works perfectly when I put it in a simple
console application, so I'm suspecting it's maybe mod_mono that is
dropping the ball, but honestly, I would not know where to look further.

I'm back on mono 2.2 so I don't have a problem anymore, but since I
expect this to bite me again someday, I wanted to put this on the list.

In case anybody wants to test this, I've attached a (tar.gz) monodevelop
solution with a small test case.

(If more info is neede, I will do my best, but since I'm back om 2.2, I
cannot reproduce it anymore and changing versions on gentoo is not a
quick thing to do.)

Best regards,

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