[Mono-aspnet-list] quickstarts.asp.net example won't compile

Marek Habersack grendel at twistedcode.net
Tue Jul 14 14:20:51 EDT 2009

adam morissun wrote:

> The http://quickstarts.asp.net example code for Forms-based
> authentication won't compile on my machine. I'm really not sure how to
> provide user/pass authentication in my asp site to begin with, so this
> doesn't help. I'm running Apache2 prefork 2.2.9 and mod_mono 2.4.2.
> Here's the error I get when I browse to
> Server Error in '/' Application
> ________________________________________________________________________
> VBNC99999: If the identifier matches the name of an accessible type or
> type member in more than one import, a compile-time error occurs.
It's not an ASP.NET issue, but a VBNC bug. Note that VBNC is not complete and not supported yet. You 
can either use the C# version of the sample(s) or precompile the site in VS and run on Linux.

> mod_mono is using Autohosting. I'm still looking for decent mono
> documentation...
http://mono-project.com/Category:ASP.NET - if you find something missing there or have comments, 
feel free to drop us a mail with suggestions on what is missing and how would you improve the 


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