[Mono-aspnet-list] Mod_Mono Memory Hunger

Diego Frata diego.frata at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 10:49:46 EDT 2009


I'm running my own mono asp.net powered website for the last 3 months and
have been able to solve a lot of issues without recurring to this mailing
list. But I'm facing a problem that I'm unable to solve by myself.

I have this site which run on 2.0, 2.4 and yesterday on The site is
very simple, it has a index.aspx page which calls and static method on
another class to load the last 20 rows added on a MySql database and display
a list of the 20 rows using a repeater. After that, it makes a select count
on the mysql to know the total number of registers on the database so I can
display a pagination. It's that simple.

The problem is that everytime I make a request to the index.aspx page (with
different parameters of pagination ?n=1, ?n=2, etc), mod_mono eats 2 Mb of
the available RAM. I revisited the whole code several times to make sure
that every object is being disposed, and I'm not loading from database more
than 20 rows at time. Each row has 5 or 6 fields with MINIMUM content. The
overall page size is 17 Kbytes. I don't use any caching feature on
ASP.NETand the maximum number of users I serve a day didn't ever
passed 50.

Why should it eat 2Mb every different request? And worse, this memory is
never cleaned. I stressed it to the point where mod_mono was eating 500 Mb
of RAM with only me accessing a single page at time.

I configured mod_mono to restart often, but this is an ugly workaround.

Any ideas?

Diego Frata
diego.frata at gmail.com
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