[Mono-aspnet-list] The imported type 'ASP.default_asp' is defined multiple times

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Aug 3 05:32:10 EDT 2009

nzsaint wrote:
> Robert Jordan wrote:
>> The application must be pre-compiled for the virtual path "/".
>> Then you can run it from any virtual path.
>> This limitation will be fixed in the next 2-4-x iteration.
> So does this mean that the application needs to go in the root directory
> (/srv/www/htdocs)? This would be ok. Or is there another way I can get
> around this e.g when I compile the application in VS.NET? 

As I wrote: *pre-compile* the app for the virtual path "/".
The you can *run* it from arbitrary virtual paths, including
"/" but not limited to. I can't explain it better.

> I tried using aspnet_compiler with the '-v' switch (e.g /MonoTest) but it
> didn't make any difference and I can't see a way to set it through the
> VS.NET IDE. Im not sure if this is relevant? Thanks.

aspnet_compiler -v / inputdir outputdir


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