[Mono-aspnet-list] System.Func missing?

Mark DevGood dirkroel at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 13:26:07 EDT 2009

I haven't submitted a bug report because I'm still trying to work out a
reduced file set and not sure I'm going to get the time to get around to it.
However I have managed to work out what the problem is. System.Func is an
overloaded signature used in one of the delegates for the
System.Collections.Generics.List.Where<> methods. This assembly is hard to
track down as it is contained in a partial class somewhere. The
Generics.List is there but the partial class containing the Where methods
are in a dll that are not being referenced. 

Now here's where the bug comes in. If I try to compile a .cs file which
references this List.Where (or possibly List.AsEnumerable) it gives me
useful error messages. BUT in my case the code had already been compiled
using Visual Studio (which has all the correct references) into a dll. When
I add this dll as a reference in my Mono project it compiles. But when I
include code in my source which CALLS this dll THEN it spits out this long
error message included in my original post. 

I can't continue much further as I'm still waiting on a response to my post
on how to get the -pkg:dotnet35 parameter to gmcs to work. I think this may
help. The other approach would be to rip out all my Linq code, which frankly
would be a shame.

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