[Mono-announce-list] Mono.Upnp 0.1.2 released

Bertrand Lorentz bertrand.lorentz at gmail.com
Thu May 31 19:20:59 UTC 2012

I'm happy to announce the release of Mono.Upnp 0.1.2.

This is a bugfix release, fixing several issues:
* Fix crash when deserializing a ClassReference instance
* Retry requests after error or timeout
* Fetch icons from servers which return bogus ContentLength values
* Match capitalisation of spec for "derivedfrom" operator

Head over to GitHub for more info:

* https://github.com/mono/mono-upnp
* https://github.com/downloads/mono/mono-upnp/mono-upnp-0.1.2.tar.gz
* SHA1: d932870c81b68088060c90e0bac10e0792d0979e

Contributors for this release:
Alexander Kojevnikov and Christopher James Halse Rogers

Bertrand Lorentz

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