[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: F-Spot 0.6.2 Released!

Ruben Vermeersch ruben at savanne.be
Fri May 14 15:56:33 EDT 2010


After a long period of silence, it is my pleasure to announce that a new
version of F-Spot has been release: 0.6.2.

Notable changes in this release are:

 * We no longer embed Mono.Addins. The distribution copy should be used
   from now on.

 * A ton of bugfixes and usability improvements, part of them coming
   from the Ubuntu One Hundred Papercuts effort. Many thanks for
   everyone involved!

 * Lots of cleanups and small performance improvements.

 * The screensaver code has been migrated from old and slow to new and

 * A stop-gap fix for the long standing issue of timestamps being  
   changed on import. The default policy is now to not touch them. This
   should lead to the least confusion among the majority of our users.
   If desired, additional techniques can be developed for those who want
   it otherwise.

 * A pile of translation updates.

 * As of this release, we're switching to a versioning scheme where even
   version numbers denote stable versions and uneven versions denoting
   development versions. There's also a stable branch which can be
   tracked. More info on this will come in a separate email.

 * 573 files changed, 81197 insertions(+), 85122 deletions(-)

All of this has been made possible by our contributors. While I have the
honor of announcing it (being the new maintainer), it should be noted
that most of this was made possible by Stephane Delcroix, our previous

People with code contributions to this release:

        Alex Launi, Dave Neary, Gabriel Burt, Jeffrey Finkelstein,
        Jeffrey Stedfast, Lorenzo Milesi, Matt Perry, Michal Nánási,
        Pascal de Bruijn, Paul Wellner Bou, Ruben Vermeersch, Stephane
        Delcroix, Wojciech Dzierżanowski, Yann Leprince, Yves Kurz

Translators for this release:
        A S Alam (Punjabi), Adi Roiban (Romanian), Alexander Shopov
        (Bulgarian), Andrej Žnidaršič (Slovenian), André Gondim
        (Brazilian Portuguese), Antonio Fernandes C. Neto (Brazilian
        Portuguese), Bruno Brouard (French), Cheng-Chia Tseng
        (Traditional Chinese: Hong Kong and Taiwan), Daniel Nylander
        (Swedish), Filipe Gomes (Portuguese), Gabor Kelemen (Hungarian),
        Gintautas Miliauskas (Lithuanian), Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
        (Basque), Jacob Ilsø Christensen (Danish), Jordi Mas (Catalan),
        Jorge González (Spanish), Kang Bundo (Korean), Kjartan Maraas
        (Norwegian bokmål), Thanos Lefteris (Greek), Krasimir Chonov
        (Bulgarian), Luca Ferretti (Italian), Mario Blättermann
        (German), Matej Urbančič (Slovenian), Mattias Põldaru
        (Estonian), Maxim V. Dziumanenko (Ukrainian), Michel Recondo
        (Brazilian Portuguese), Nikos Charonitakis (Greek), Piotr Drąg
        (Polish), Simos Xenitellis (Greek), Timo Jyrinki (Finnish),
        Zdeněk Hataš (Czech), Nils-Christoph (LowGerman

This new release can be downloaded here:

    Or through GNOME git, using the 0.6.2 tag.

Full NEWS overview:

f-spot 0.6.2 - May 14 2010 - Bulldozer Time
- Stable release before starting large cleanup refactorings, mostly
usability, bug fixes and translations as well as some modernization. A
large part of this comes from the Ubuntu one hundred papercuts effort.
 - Replaced the old slow slideshow code with new fast SlideShow (bgo
   #608849) (Gabriel Burt)
 - Wording changes for clarity (Edit Tag) (Jeffrey Finkelstein)
 - Fix version selection tooltip (Lorenzo Milesi)
 - Add gconf schema (Jeffrey Stedfast)
 - Added a border to filmstrip thumbnails (bgo #540772) (Matt Perry)
 - Fix display names of color profiles (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - Fix histogram colors on theme change (bgo #601565) (Paul Wellner Bou)
 - Always update ImageView adjustments when scaling. (Wojciech
 - Correctly set attributes on copying (Yann Leprince)
 - Correct mnemonics in create tag dialog (Yves Kurz)
 - Provide sane defaults for image resize size (bgo #608440) (Yves Kurz)
 - Updates to the build system, including fixes for distcheck (Ruben
 - Fix wording for duplicate hashing (bgo #607916) (Matt Perry)
 - Fix wording for imported tags tag (bgo #603053) (Ian Churcher)
 - Fix label alignment in preferences dialog (bgo #607318) (Pascal de
 - Add unique# and use it to handle our activation (Stephane Delcroix)
 - Stop bundling Mono.Addins (Stephane Delcroix)
 - Avoid leakage in straighten and softfocus editor (Stephane Delcroix)
 - Allow to copy files to clipboard (Stephane Delcroix)
 - Large number of color management related fixes (Stephane Delcroix)
 - Removed the Beagle plugin at the request of the openSUSE team
   (Ruben Vermeersch)
 - A pile of other cleanups and fixes (Ruben Vermeersch)
 - Two performance improvement patches for our database interaction
   (bgo #614403 and bgo #614580) (Michal Nánási)
 - Fix the longstanding issue of F-Spot changing photo timestamps
   (bgo #340903) (Paul Wellner Bou)
 - Tons of translation updates (seriously)

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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