[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Smuxi 0.7.2 "Lovegood"

Mirco Bauer meebey at debian.org
Thu Jul 22 18:19:00 EDT 2010

29 bugfixes and 13 features later I am happy to announce the second
bugfix release, 0.7.2 codenamed 'Lovegood'. This version fixes all bugs
that were reported since the release of 0.7.1 but also introduces some
very sexy new features!

As the codename suggests, this release contains both love and goods.
There are new features that everybody loves such as: file logging,
configurable highlight words (Chris Le Sueur), fully customizable
filters to ignore messages or events, markerlines which device old
messages from new messages, enhanced network status and window title
format, and extended CTCP support. Too good to be true? It's real!  The
feedback I received from FOSDEM 2010 has spurred development and
attracted new developers and translators.

Smuxi news can also be retrieved by following the official Smuxi
Twitter account: http://twitter.com/smuxi

New languages includes: Portuguese (Americo Monteiro), Danish (Joe
Hansen), partially Finnish (Kalle Kaitala), and partially Catalan
(Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals). Updated languages includes: French
(Clément BOURGEOIS), German (Bianca Mix), Italian (Vincenzo
Campanella), Czech (Michal Simunek), Swedish (Martin Bagge), and
British (Ryan Smith-Evans).

Going forward, translations will be coordinated and maintained by using
Transifex. If you wish to submit or update translations, simply visit
the Smuxi project on Transifex [0]. You can find out how Transifex works
by reading to our Translation HowTo [1].

A full list of changes is included below.

Smuxi is available for download from:

f9b21925b222e2568c6a0b704243e89e  source/smuxi-0.7.2.tar.gz
237cfdec45fa2ab35b1c0b50b83cea5b  binary/smuxi-0.7.2-1-bin.tar.gz
53608ef7cd7e21f67f92fd9e904afbcf  binary/smuxi-0.7.2-1-win32-setup.exe

What is it?
Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform
IRC client for sophisticated users, targeting the GNOME desktop.

Smuxi is based on the client-server model: The core application
(engine) can be placed onto a server which is connected to the Internet
around-the-clock; one or more frontends then connect to the core. This
way, the connection to IRC can be kept up even when all frontends have
been closed. The combination of screen and irssi served as example for
this architecture.

Smuxi also supports the regular single application mode. This behaves
like a typical IRC client; it doesn't need separate core management and
utilizes a local engine that is used by the local frontend client.

The project website can be found at:

What's New?
New features:
    * Feature #62: logging support
    * Feature #78: user defined highlights
    * Feature #86: user defined filters
    * Feature #331: Better OS detection
    * Feature #342: Less noisy smuxi-server output
    * Feature #346: Nick colouration should be the same across
      equivalent IRC nicks
    * Feature #349: /invite command should accept optional target
    * Feature #350: Extend user context-menu in channels with "invite
      to" menu
    * Feature #370: Title bar info formatting to #channel at Network
    * Feature #372: CTCP TIME
    * Feature #381: List users of smuxi-server
    * Feature #386: CTCP FINGER / USERINFO
    * Feature #400: Show markerline to mark where new messages start

    * Bug #267: "not connected" status in window-header refreshes not
      after successful connection
    * Bug #325: Doubled recconect after Smuxi loses connection to
    * Bug #329: Sending a message to a not following tweeter
    * Bug #332: Messages may be send to the wrong network
    * Bug #334: /reconnect on unreachable networks blocks command-queue
      until timeout
    * Bug #339: Twitter-Feature is having some issues updating
      friends-timeline after an error occured
    * Bug #343: Can't close window while unjoined
    * Bug #344: Inconsistent highlight coloring
    * Bug #345: password with only digits fail to work with remote
    * Bug #347: ssh password with only digits fail to work
    * Bug #348: Errors not caught when clicking "apply" in prefs dialog
    * Bug #352: Smuxi closes wrong tabs by using middle-click
    * Bug #353: closing twitter shortly after connecting leaves other
      twitter tabs behind
    * Bug #354: Stack trace not possible to copy in a sane way.
    * Bug #358: retweets missing
    * Bug #363: smuxi crashes when sending a message to a user who
      doesn't follow
    * Bug #364: smuxi crashes when sending a message to one user who
      has blocked another user
    * Bug #371: /query confused by trailing whitespace
    * Bug #373: Removing a default server and adding it back fails
    * Bug #374: Twitter: Object reference not set to an instance of an
    * Bug #380: Twitterizer build fails on Mono 2.6
    * Bug #389: Smuxi 0.7.2-dev throws exception when using with 0.7.1
    * Bug #390: Tab highlight color is not showing if frontend time is
      faster than server time
    * Bug #391: Status / tray icon can be seen when starting Smuxi
    * Bug #392: Smuxi chat wraps characters instead of words
    * Bug #398: Connecting with empty realname field fails
    * Bug #399: Channel search / list on GIMPnet doesn't work
    * Bug #401: System.Net.WebException: The request timed out
    * Bug #402: Config spews warnings

22 July 2010

[0] http://www.transifex.net/
[1] http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/smuxi/c/master/
[2] completed 0.7.2 roadmap: http://www.smuxi.org/versions/show/12


Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

PGP-Key ID: 0xEEF946C8

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